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State Cost Reports

With over 19 years of experience preparing cost reports, Walters Financial Services, Inc. has the ability to accurately file your cost report. Due dates vary by State and type of provider. Please contact us to determine your specific due date.

What is a Medicare Cost Report?

The cost report is an annual report submitted by all institutional providers participating in the Medicaid program. The report is submitted on prescribed forms, depending on the type of provider (for example, hospital, skilled nursing facility, etc.). The cost information and statistical data reported must be current, accurate and in sufficient detail to support an accurate determination of payments made for the services rendered.

When is my Medicaid cost report Due?

Generally, Medicaid cost reports are due March 31 for providers with a 12/31 fiscal year end.

What types of reports do you file?

Walters Financial Services has the expertise to file reports in all 50 states.